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oceanrnrKawa Creative was established as a blog back in 2011. Since then, the blog has become a new Arts in Health Business in partnership with Creative Minds and the South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.  Along the way there have been a great many learning curves – the river has flowed in a myriad of different ways. My own explorations have connected me with a fantastically talented and conscientious group of people around the world. The journey I embarked on in 2007 has now come to an end, but now a new adventure has begun in the form of Kawa Creative Ltd.

The posts that you will find here are the reflections  that were the preliminary work for Kawa Creative Ltd.

My sincere thanks and admiration goes to Michael Iwama, Joyin Teoh, Beki Dellow, Gillian Gorry, Anita Hamilton, Susan Burwash,Sarah BodellSue Walpole, and more recently Jon Pearson and Jen Gash for all that they have contributed to this remarkable approach to practice.

In time these blogs will be edited into a single volume which I hope will become the Kawa Poetics – The Language of Rivers.

Many thanks to all who have been a part of this journey and I look forward to all the future explorations.

Keep on flowing…

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